Tuscan wines: The real protagonists

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Tuscany has always been famous for the production of excellent quality wines.

Tuscan wines are known around the world, to a degree that sees the number of overseas exports increase year on year. On opening one of these bottles of wine it is almost possible to breathe the magic and the culture of the land where it was produced; each wine with its own unique character, depending on the properties and formation of the terrain. Throughout the region of Tuscany the growing conditions indeed vary greatly between the open fields, the altitude of the mountains, the sheltered hinterland and the open coast. The position of the vines therefore determines the final aroma, offering hints and variations of unique flavors.

Whether in the mountains or by the sea however, the difference has little effect; the supreme quality and simplicity of the products remain constant.

The “MelodiadelVino” Festival, again for its second edition, encourages the appreciation of the wines of Tuscany and gives prominence to their strong relationship with the land.

The properties hosting the events of the Festival are located across the entire region, enabling visitors to personally sample the delectable fruits of the various wineries.

A trip to Tuscany without enjoying the taste of a Brunello di Montalcino, a Rosso di Montepulciano or a Chianti, is not a real trip to Tuscany.

The wines, along with the music, are hence the real protagonists of the show.

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